Saturday, January 12, 2008

Miscellaneous tips !

Here are some random facts about beauty!
They really helped me and I think they will help you!

Get ride of old makeup, it could have contaminants. In general , keep your: lipstick: 1 year , eye makeup: 3 months, blush:6 months, nail polish: 2 years (if stored properly)

Create stronger healthier nails by taking daily vitamins that contain Iron, zinc, protein, calcium, and vitamin A & B!

Keep your nail polishes lasting longer by sticking them in the refrigerator!
Drinking coffee out of a straw can help reduce teeth discoloring. Start your morning with a funky straw to jazz up your day!

Don't throw out your old perfume, use it as an air freshener! Dilute with water for a subtle scent if desired and pour into a funky bottle for crafty decor!

Before sharpening your eyeliner or lip pencil, place it in the freezer for around 10minutes. They will harden slightly and not break when sharpened.

Keep a pocket of dryer sheets handy to rub down your hair with. Yep, its smells great and leaves hair silky smooth.

Sprinkle a little baby powder on your roots, for a quick fix!

Use a Mascara Wand for massage cleaning under your nails!!

Keep skin from drying up, by switching to a heavier moisturizer for winter.

If your regular lotion isn't working, try a little miracle whip (random I know, but it works)! Rub in and leave on for 10 minutes, wash, and then use your regular lotion!

Keep your skin hydrated by packing a travel size moisturizer to periodically pat on your face and neck during the flight.

Use it as a scrub to clean pencil sharpeners.

Seal it with vision! Add a few drops to your forehand and mix with your eye shadow. Apply with an eyeliner brush to the lash line on top of the liner for all day wear.

Rub a little Anbesol on a brow before your next tweeze to numb the area.

Spray a bit of hairspray on an old toothbrush or use a clear brow gel and brush over brows to shape.

Did you know that dark chocolate in small quantities stimulates endorphins; contains nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, vitamins B1 B2 D
and E; cuts cholesterol; fights fatigue; has serotonin, an anti-depressant; and has phenolic which is associated with reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Who would have known something so good could be so good for you!

Here are a few suggestions on how to detox: Natural aromatherapy oils or candles in the home - Listen to calming music at night - have a massage at least once a month - exercise at least 30 minutes a day - take a 20 minute walk in the evening - take all natural vitamins daily- And don't forget to smile!!

Always remember to wash your hands after applying your makeup! You don�t want to stain your clothing!!!

Can't find a deodorant that you like? Have a pimple that you MUST get rid of, need to stop a cut from bleeding? Use and Alum Block! An Alum Block is made up of potassium phosphate and alum which is a natural mineral with multiple end uses!

Use it to get rid of flaky elbows, to exfoliate your face, to brush your teeth, and even to get rid of a pimple!

Use honey to get rid of a bad blemish! Apply it and then cover it overnight. The reason this works is because honey is antibacterial. Honey can also be used to prevent a burn from turning into a blister!!

You've dropped something on your dress and its going to stain!!! No worries! Grab some club soda and press it into the stain. Sprinkle some salt on top and let it sit and soak up the stain for a few minutes then just wipe it away!

Put your hair in a low braid while it�s still wet and let it dry naturally!!

Bacteria builds up on your tongue so always remember to brush it! Can�t find your toothbrush? Eat an apple! The flesh of the apple cleans your teeth while the pectin in the apple helps gets rid of any bad odor!

When shampooing oily hair, press it into your roots with your fingertips rather than rubbing it into your scalp!

Not only are they an excellent way to get excess oil out from your pores but the clay actually dries up pimples and can also sooth your skin from those itchy bug bites!!!

To get rid of ALL your underarm hair when shaving, make sure you shave in every direction! You do this because your hair grows in every direction and if you only shave one way you won�t get every hair!

Always remember to change the blade on your shaver! Bacteria builds up on it which can harm you if you cut yourself when shaving!!!

Period??DO NOT WAX! Waxing during this time can really hurt! Wait until the week after when your hormone levels go down. It won�t hurt as much and you�ll get fewer bumps!

Too hyper??Run your wrists under cold water for a couple of minutes to calm yourself down!!

To take care of enlarged skin pores you need lemon juice and orange juice. Mix the juices and apply all over your face in upward and outward stokes. Wash it after 10 minutes. This is also a good facial mask for oily skin!!


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