Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gorgeous Post-Workout Hair

I can't go one day without going to the gym. Some days, even when I'm extremely busy, I'll still go and have a sweat session at the gym. I have some awesome tips for ways to get fresh without having to redo your hair. When I'm really tight on time I like to put my hair in a shower cap or tie it back and just wash my body. The reason is, I have pretty long hair and it takes quite some time to blow dry it. I have a few awesome products and tips that I like to use after I workout to tidy my appearance. At the beginning of your workout, put your hair in a bun that you wrap around itself (like a ballerina bun) instead of a pony tail. This will help prevent those nasty hair tie bumps. If your hair won't stay in this style the whole time your at the gym try using a fabric scrunchy rather than a regular hair tie. Once your finished with your workout head into the gym bathrooms. If there is a blow dryer available (or even a hand dryer), flip your head upside down so that way your roots of your hair are exposed, then blast it with the cold setting on the blow dryer until your hair is dry. Once you flip your hair over it should have a bit more life than before. Now, use a dry shampoo, a few good brands are Pssssst, Fredric Fekkai, or Ojon. You can find these at either Target or Sephora. Lift your hair at the roots and spray where it greasy or dull looking, then allow it to dry for a few seconds. After it dries, finger fluff your hair to give it a bit more volume. Lastly, set your hair with hairspray to get the finishing look. Hair spray will make it look glossy and fresh.


Kylie said...

You haven't made a post in soooo long!!! don't quit...I love reading your posts <3

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