Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spinning Playlist

Now I know I haven't posted in a year, but I really miss blogging about the random things that I love. Today I sweated it out at the gym with a workout I planned for the spin bikes. I feel amazing right now and I'm still running on that post-workout high!

  • Down - Jay Sean - Warm-Up - Spin at a light pace that is fast enough to warm your muscles but not too light that you aren't feeling anything.
  • Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 - Sprints - 30 seconds on sprinting 30 seconds off or sprint on the chorus of the song and then pull back on the verses. 
  • Cheers - Rihanna - Hill Climb - A nice long stretched out hill, start out with your resistance at a personal 4-5 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being your hardest. Then increase about half a number ever 30 seconds.
  • Booty Music - Git Fresh - Jumps - Now if your not familiar with jumps, jumps are when you go a few counts out of the saddle and a few counts in the saddle. It's pretty obvious in the beat of the music when your up and down. This song ranges from 16 counts, 8 counts, 4 counts, and 2 counts.
  • Stereo Love - Edward Maya - Booty Workout- Now this isn't really a specific cycling workout, it's something that I created and personally love, love, love to do to lift my butt. It has transformed my behind like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, basically you switch off between a light standing jog (position one is sometimes what it is called) and hoover (position two). If your unfamiliar with hoovering it is when you have your butt over the top of your saddle and your almost touching, hence the name hoovering.
  • The Cave - Mumford and Sons - Sprints - Once again, your doing sprints! Try to keep at an up tempo pace the whole song and sprint on the chorus. The chorus is really distinct, the banjo in the background will make you want to sprint even faster!
  • 1901 - Phoenix - Hills - With this song I like to increase all through the verse, go to about a 9 on a scale of 1-10 and then when the chorus hits sprint down!
  • Check It Out - Nicki Minaj - Jumps - I swear, this song was made for jumps IT'S PERFECT! I like to do 16 counts for about 2-4 times. Then I transfer into 8 count jumps, when the chorus hits I like to 2 count jumps. Make sure you have enough resistance when doing 2 count jumps. If there isn't enough it could cause you to feel like your legs are out of control. At the bridge of the song (slow part around the middle of the song) you can take this time to recover for a bit.
  • The Anthem - Pitbull & Lil John - Booty Workout - For this booty workout you can pick what times you want to jog it out and hoover. Whatever you end up doing your working your butt off, literally!
  • 6'7" - Lil Wayne - Up Tempo - Basically the goal during this song is to stay up tempo (on the beat of the music) the whole song. Try to keep your resistance around a 4-5 on a scale of 1-10.
  • Levels - Achiivi - Hill Climb W/ Sprint - This song was my personal favorite to workout to. You do a hill climb on the slow part of the music and then when it breaks out into techno (or dubstep, whatever its called) you back off the resistance and sprint down. Start with your resistance on about a 6 and then increase ever 30 seconds. When the song slows down for a while do a really stretched out hill climb. Then when the climax hits back off and sprint down the hill. 
  • Please Don't Go - Mike Posner - Jumps - Start out with 16 count jumps, do about 4 of them. Then do about two 8 count jumps. When the chorus breaks you can either do 4 count jumps or 6 counts up and 2 counts down. Repeat this through the whole song. 
  • Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People - Hill or Booty Workout - If you choose to do a hill it's a really stretched out hill. You start at about a 4 out of a scale of 1-10 and increase about a quarter every 15 seconds. If you choose to do the Booty Workout then you can alternate between jogging and hoovering everything 30 seconds. 
  • You Don't Have To Leave - Mike Posner - Cool Down - During this cool down slow down your cadence to about 90 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) and you want medium resistance. Really take your time cooling down.
Now that is my workout that I completed. I am in no way shape or form an expert, this is just what I have learned for cycling for so long. Make sure you stay hydrated before, after, and during this workout. Also if you feel faint, light headed, or dizzy slow down and take it easy to regain yourself. Another tip is make sure you stretch after completing this, it helps your muscles relax and prevents lactic acid from building up in your muscles. Lactic acid is what makes you sore after working out. Hope you all enjoyed this and leave me comments if your going to use this or thinking about using this! I wanna know how it goes for you (:

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