Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One a Day Teens

I used to take One a Day Women until they made this vitamin. This pill is specialized for teens. It helps support healthy skin and immune system. It makes me feel very good when I take this. Its slightly smaller than the One a Day Women, so that makes it easier to swallow. I take mine in the morning after I eat breakfast. I found out that I tend to get nauseous when I take it on an empty stomach. So that's the only downside to it. Its pretty cheap, it costs about nine dollars. You can find it at Target or any vitamin store. I've been taking it for about 2 weeks and it makes me feel a lot more energized and stronger. There is two types one for boys and one for girls. Its easy to tell apart, one box is blue and the other is pink. Also its really cool the actual vitamin is pink! (:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Own Personal Workout.

Hey everyone I've decided to do a post on my workout routine. This workout is very effective and each movement is designed by a professional. I just put a bunch that I like all together. Now some may be a bit weird and you may not know what they are but I put definitions down at the bottom. Also if you don't know what some of them are feel free to comment or email me about it (: The equipment I use is a yoga mat and 2 pound weights.

Work Out

Lunges 12 repetitions 2 sets w/ weights per side
Leg Lifts 3 sets of 20
Crunches 3 sets of 20
Side Crunches 25 each side
Bicycle Slow 30 seconds
Reverse Crunch and Regular Crunch 20 repetitions
Boxer Crunch 20 Repetitions
Opposite Elbow with Opposite Leg 15 each side
Bicep Curls 2 sets of 20 repetitions
Tricep extensions 2 sets of 20 repetitions
Bicep Throws 2 sets of 20
Down Dog-Plank-Chaturanga 5-7 repetitions
Clam Thighs 15 repetitions
Hamstring Butt Curls 20 repetitions each side
Booty Crunch 20 repetitions each side
Booty Lift 20 repetitions each side
Gut Buster 3 sets of 20
Pilates 100
Curl ups 12 times 2 sets
Roll-up 4 each side
Plank 30 seconds


Reverse Crunch With Regular Crunch- Hip lift while crunching up

Boxer Crunch- Lean back then go back to center and punch left, then repeat and punch right.

Clam Thighs- Lie down on side, bend and stack legs. Hold parallel to leg on floor and open and close.

Hamstring Butt Curls- Stand on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Life up
one leg straight. Then lift to a 90 degree angle and lower back to straight. Repeat on left side

Booty Crunch- Lift one leg parallel to ground. Then try to reach as high as you can. Repeat on other side.

Booty Lift- Raise on leg so its at a 90 degree angle. Then tighten abs and lift as high as you can. Repeat on other side.

Some of these exercises are pilates and yoga stances (:
I also when I have more time like to do other yoga and pilates videos

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box

I purchased this on the day after Thanksgiving and I absolutely love it. There are endless eyeshadow possibilities with this thing. I've done so many different looks. I can do a soft smokey eye or a bold sexy one. There are ten different eye shadows and a mini primer potion. The best thing about this product is it is 100% eco-friendly. Taking care of the Earth never looked so good! The box is made out of bamboo, the eyeshadow holders are made out of recycled paper, and the brush is cruelty free. plus its all completely recyclable. The pallet swings open and there is a mirror on the inside so its great to take on the go. Also for a whole new look try wetting the brush and then applying! It makes colors have a fun and funkier look to them. This is one of the many reasons why I love Urban Decay, is because they are so eco-friendly and have amazing products. When you use the primer potion is basically water-proofs your eyeshadow. Just don't rub it when your underwater and its all good! This pallet costs $36 but its worth every penny. Trust me, you won't be dis-satisfied with this product. I would rank this one of my favorite products. Also sorry for the delayed post! I was in Glamis (the dunes/quading) for Presidents Day Weekend. (Plus I kinda procrastinated, sorry guys!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Board With Your Exercise?

I have a solution! Just about 4 days ago I found out how to use On Demand wit Cox Digital Cable. Now for all you that do not know what On Demand is, is its a menu that you can access (if you have cox) that has stuff such as shows, work outs, and movies that you can catch whenever you want. Now there is some stuff that you have to pay for (such as movies) but certain tv shows and workouts are free. The workouts that I have been using every day are located in the FreeZone category. Once you click that you go to ExerciseTv. Then there are over 20 different exercises you can do for free! They adds new ones every month so you won't get bored. I like to try a new one everyday. There are so many different ones, you'll be bound to find on you love. There is dancing, cardio, yoga, pilates, strength training, and there is even workouts that are specifically designed to work one area. They have exercises from 10 minutes to one hour.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

I'm terribly depressed that the Cardinals lost. I wanted to cry ): They deserved to win! They worked so hard! Its been 61 years since they have been in the Super Bowl. Anyway, I was going to tell you about my delicious dip I made today. Its a lot more festive than the other dips such as French Onion and Ranch. Its called the Eight Layer Dip. Its from my Hungry Girl Cook Book which I absolutely love! The recipe is here. It was such a hit at the Super Bowl party. So many people came back for seconds! It was almost all gone. I was very pleased to hear that so many people liked it. Plus its very simple to make that even beginners can make it! So next time you need an appetizer for a party try this eight layer dip!

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