Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Hi everyone. Lately, there has been a lot of birthdays in my family. So that means more presents to buy! Which is hard for be because I either can't find the time to go shopping or I don't know what to get them! So I have some cute little snacks or presents you can make yourself! I love these because they are quick, easy, and fun to make! Plus I love to see the look on the person's face when they open or try it!

The first idea for a cute presents is a little snack called Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies!
It is Chex cereal covered in chocolate, peanut butter, and Powered sugar. Its really easy to make and the whole preparation time is 10-15 minutes! I actually just made some yesterday for a snack!
Here is the link for the recipe!
Click Here!
After you make it you can put it in a cute container and wrap it with a bow!

Another gift idea of mine is movie passes. You can get them at the customer service part of your movie theater. They are vouchers to get you a free ticket to any movie. The best part is they give you a full year to use them! So you don't have to worry about them expiring within a week! Then you can get cute little bowls and put popcorn and candy in it! You can also do this with replacing the movie tickets with a DVD.

You can bake them a cake! For my mother's birthday I made a daisy cake. It was very cute. I used a pan that was shaped as a flower and then I made the center part a smiley face. It was pretty simple. I used Betty Crocker Chocolate Marble cake mix. Then I used Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting so that way I could use food coloring in it and it would show up.
Here's a picture of the one I baked.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Clean and Clear Soft Shower Facial.

This product is pretty new. It came out last month. I've been using it for over 2 weeks now. It works fabulous. You use it in your shower and the stem leaves your skin feeling soft. You apply it all over your face without scrubbing then, let it sit on your face for one minute. After, you scrub it in and wash it off. What I love about this product is the ingredients in it are gentle enough for your skin so you can use this every time you shower. Another thing I love is after you wash it off you feel a surge of invigoration as it tingles deep down into your pores. It is at an affordable price of seven dollars. You can find it at Target, Walmart, and drugstores near you! After you use it I guarantee your face will feel softer and you will feel less stressed. Hope you can fit this into your shower routine just as easy as I did! Have an invigorating day...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Blog?

Hi everyone. I decided that I can't just have one blog! I've been thinking about making a second one for about a month now. I just don't know any good topics for another blog. I would really like to hear everyones opinion. So please either email me at or comment on here. I'm looking forward to hear what you want! Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth day!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say Happy Earth Day and give you some tips to go green! These tips are easy to follow and make a big difference!

  • Turn off your water while brushing your teeth! This saves gallons of fresh water!
  • Try to take showers that are 5-10 minutes long, or you can just turn off the water while shampooing and conditioning your hair.
  • When using paper use the front and back side!
  • Choose to buy recycled toilet paper.
  • When choosing house cleaners look to see if its Eco-friendly.
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!!!
  • Choose natural deodorant
  • Eco-friendly packaging does wonders for the environment.
  • Try biodegradable soap!'
  • If you love a certain face wash buy it in the biggest size if you know you'll use it. This way the bottle will be made of less plastic.
  • Check to see if your products are cruelty-free (not being tested on animals.)
  • Choose organic tampons, or make sure you recycle your tampon box.
  • Look for organic make-up such as Physicians Formula.
  • Use a towel more than once.
  • Wash clothes in cold water. Ninety percent of energy from the washer goes in to heating the water.
Hope everyone contributes to helping the environment. If you would like to see how big you Carbon footprint is then go here! Some of these tips are my own tips I follow. All the other tips I got either from or

Sunday, April 20, 2008

O.B Tampons.

I applied for a sample of O.B Tampons and it came in the mail within 4 weeks. I was quite impressed with how generous they were with giving out samples. They give you a cute carrying case that comes in three colors blue, pink, and green. Also you three regular tampons. They were smaller than my pinky finger and had no applicator. So you have to use your finger. That was a downside to this sample. I did not want to use a tampon that way but, I tried it anyway and I couldn't get it in at all. So I gave up on it. I did not like this product but I still can use the carrying case for other stuff such as compact tampons, lip gloss, or even pantyliner. I recommend trying the sample since its free and you get a multi-tasking carrying case. Here is the link.

La Cross's Eyelash Curler.

Today I want to tell everyone about La Cross's Eyelash Curler. I have gone through many different eyelash curlers. From metal ones to heated ones they all didn't work well. So finally I found La Cross's eyelash curler and it was inexpensive and look like it was good quality. So I thought what the heck this one might work. So I have been using it ever since then and I love it. The reason being why I love this eyelash curler is because it gives my lashes a full length curl. Also it doesn't tug or pull on my them while I'm using it. It has a silicone strip embedded in the curling part of the product. It costs five dollars at CVS pharmacy online. You can also find it at beauty stores, Target, Walmart, and drugstores. Here's a quick tip. When curling your eyelashes curl them before you put your mascara on. If you curl your lashes when they have mascara on it causes them to fall out. Start from the base of your lash and hold it there for 10-15 seconds. Then slowly slide a little further and repeat. Repeat this whole process until you get to the tip of your eyelashes. This will give them a beautiful curl. Please comment or email me if you try this product. Tell me what you like or dislike about it! Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Max Factor.

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting everyday. I've just been so busy! Today I would like to review a product I have been using for a while now. Its called Max Factor Vivid impact highlighting mascara. Its two-sided and each side has a different color. One is a base coat for your eye lashes such as a brown, black, silver, and even pink. Then the other side is a highlighting coat like blue, gold, pink, red, and silver.

How to apply:

  • First you apply the base coat all over lashes. (Bottom ones too if you want a wide eye look.)
  • Then you wait for it to dry.
  • After you apply the highlighting coat only to the tips of your eyelashes.
  • Once it drys you can apply a clear coat mascara for a long lasting look.

You can buy this product at stores such as Target, Walmart, a drugstore, or drugstore online.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Messengers.

Looking for a scary movie? Your in luck! I found a good movie called The Messenger. Its about a family who move to a new home to start over their life because of a mistake their daughter made. The were tight on money so the father starts to farm a sunflower field. Weird stuff starts to happen as they live longer in the house. Such as crows are attacking people, the daughter and son see and hear weird things, and a blood stain on a wall keeps reappearing after it is clean off. Then spirits start to attack and try to kill the people that live in it. No one believes the daughter about this because they think she just wants to get attention. The movie has scary faces in it so you might not want to watch it alone! This movie is perfect for a date or just a night with your boy friend so you can cling to him on all the scary parts! I would rate this movie a 3 or 4. Hope you have a great day!

Friday, April 11, 2008


This book is the best book I've read in a long time. If you like vampires your in luck. This book is about a girl named Isabella (Bella) Swan who moves to Forks, Washington. She used to live in Phoenix, Arizona where the sun was always shinning. In Forks its the exact opposite, the sun is hardly ever out and its cold and rainy there. When she starts school she was immediately known by almost everyone in the school. It was a small town so she was the big news. She met knew friends. After that she never knew her life was going to change dramatically. She falls in love with a vampire but she's a human. It gets riskier and riskier for them but they can't tame their love for each other. The book is about 500 pages long but I finished it within a week. Its so good that they are even making a movie for it. I really reccomend this book. Its a series and the next books are New Moon and Eclipse. You can find this book at Target, Walmart, or any well-stocked book store. This book will make you love vampires.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beauty Rush Double Mist.

Hello readers! I have been using a product called Beauty Rush Double Mist for about a year now. I love it. Its a body spray that gives you a scent that lasts. I have the Appletini one. It has a really good spray and it doesn't come out all sticky! I also have the Grapefruit Blast! It lasts about 3-5 hours. I love to wear it during the day because it gives me a fresh happy scent! These two scents are fabulous! Not to mention that they are coming out with new ones! The only problem I have had with this product is it comes out a little oily/shiny on your skin. Other than that its great! Beauty Rush is a cosmetic line that has body sprays, lip gloss, body wash, lotion, shimmer gel, and much more! This line is available at Victoria Secret right now! This product costs 12 dollars, but right now they are having a great deal at Victoria Secret which is 2 for 18 dollars! You can mix and match all the different products. I have a lot more of this line that I will be reviewing later! I hope you love this product as much as me! Have a breezy day!

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