Sunday, April 20, 2008

O.B Tampons.

I applied for a sample of O.B Tampons and it came in the mail within 4 weeks. I was quite impressed with how generous they were with giving out samples. They give you a cute carrying case that comes in three colors blue, pink, and green. Also you three regular tampons. They were smaller than my pinky finger and had no applicator. So you have to use your finger. That was a downside to this sample. I did not want to use a tampon that way but, I tried it anyway and I couldn't get it in at all. So I gave up on it. I did not like this product but I still can use the carrying case for other stuff such as compact tampons, lip gloss, or even pantyliner. I recommend trying the sample since its free and you get a multi-tasking carrying case. Here is the link.


Livy said...

I ordered my free sample and I am looking forward to trying them, because I can't imagine putting in a tampon without an aplicator. I hope it works!

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