Monday, May 5, 2008

Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Face Mask.

Yeah that's right, I said CHOCOLATE mask! This is the one way to treat your self to a guilt-free treat! It has the smell, look, and feel of chocolate! Plus it even tastes like it. (A little got in my mouth by accident so don't think I'm a freak ha ha!) You may have seen my other post on a different Montagne Jeunesse Mask saying that I was going to review this product next. Well here's the review! As soon as I tore the package open I smelt the delicious aroma that filled my nose. The package contains a healthy heaping of this chocolaty mask. You apply to your face, then sit back and relax. Its best if you do the mask in the bath. It is messy but it is easy to clean up. When I was relaxing in the tub I lite a candle that smelled like vanilla caramel. This combined all the scents into what smelled like an ice cream sundae! I highly recommend lighting a vanilla candle while using the mask. Once you've had it on for ten to fifteen minutes or until its hard rinse it off. If you don't use all the package the first time, do what I did and put the packet in a zip lock bag to keep it fresh for next time. Once I got out of the bath tub I dried my face and I still smelled the chocolate! It was fantastic. The package of the face mask costs one to two dollars. (Depends on what store you go to.) You can find this mask at places like Walgreen's, Walmart, Ulta, and CVS pharmacy. Have a delicious day...


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