Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I love absolutely love winter. Here in Arizona we are dying for Winter to get away from the dreaded heat. When it gets cold I like to cuddle up around my fireplace with a cup of nice tea or hot coco and read my favorite book series. It calms me (: Sadly, with all this cold weather it can really affect your hair and make-up. So that's why today's post is going to be winter tips!

Even though the sun isn't shiny as brightly, you should still always wear a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 in it. You can still get sunburned or even skin cancer in the winter. I recommend Clean and Clear Soft Day Moisturizer.

In the winter your skin can get very dry. The best way to moisturize is right after you get out of the shower. When you apply the lotion its okay to be a little bit wet. Its better that way because the lotion will lock in the moisture.

In the winter we tend to take more hot baths and showers. This is proved not to be good for your skin. You can take baths in showers in warm but not burning hot water. The reason why is the heat draws out moisture from your skin, causing it to get itchy and dry.

Also don't use harsh soaps on your skin in the winter, this will also cause your skin to do the same. Opt for soothing skin care with ingredients such as chamomile and eucalyptus. Try
Bath and Body's Max Relax Lotion Duo.

One of the main problems in Winter is chapped lips. Lips tend to get cracked and split open most in Winter. The best way to prevent this is to get a lip balm that has an SPF 15 in it and apply as need throughout day. Then at night use Vaseline on your lips to get a nights worth of healing. Try Burt's Bee's Medicated Lip Balm.

Hair also gets dry in the winter. Its best not to over-use blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. If you must use them try cutting down how many times a week you use them like twice a week. Another way to protect your hair is using a heat protector for your hair. Try Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Protecting Spray.

Use a deep conditioner in the shower once a week to repair your hair after a long week. This will prevent any further Winter damage.

Once the weather drops below 60 degrees start using a humidifier in your room at night when you sleep. This will help sooth and prevent dry skin.

Don't overheat your home, this can be just as damaging as cold air is to your skin. Also avoid using an electric blanket. This also can harm your skin.

Constantly moisturize hands after you wash them. This will prevent dry crackled skin in between your knuckles. Try using a hand lotion with cuticle cream in it, this will keep your nails strong during the cold weather.

Colder weather gives you the opportunity to wear a bit more make-up than usually. Try to play with the darker colors. Such as plum, burgundy, a dark blues, and many more!

For a cute holiday look try to wear a golden colored eye shadow and add either a red or green glitter eye liner. This will go perfect with any type of clothing and is perfect for holiday parties!

When wearing nail polish in the Winter try to always add a clear base coat first before the color you choose, because the darker colors can stain your nails yellow!
These were just a few tips and products I use during the winter. I hope I help you with any problems you have. Feel free to leave comments or questions and I'll reply! Thank you for visiting my blog and Happy Holidays!


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