Friday, June 19, 2009

Tip(s) of The Day!

Are you guys sick of those "very attractive" bikini bumps you get when shaving your bikini line? I've learned a way to prevent/treat the bumps around that area. When shaving that delicate area sometimes the razor and your skin can cause friction between the two. This is what causes the bumps to appear. Not only are they ugly, they can be painful too! First off, when shaving make sure you have a razor that is not dull. I like to have a razor for that area and one for my legs. Another thing I like to do is use my hair conditioner around the bikini line (not inside, obviously, that would burn!) This allows the razor to glide along your skin and leaving it feel very soft. Once your done with shaving and you all dry take a deodorant (a clean one, just buy a mini one at Target for a dollar!) and glide gently across your bikini line and once again not inside your area. I use this tip every single time I get out of the shave. Now the results may vary, but I have found that it works on almost everyone I have told. If you have sensitive skin stick to a fragrance-free deodorant. I like to use a mini Dove Go Fresh Deodorant.


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