Friday, August 28, 2009

Time Travelers Wife

So today I saw the new movie called The Time Travelers Wife. I have got to say that it is now one of my favorite chick flicks next to the notebook. I thought it was so adorable but yet heartbreaking. Its about a girl named Claire (Rachael McAdams) and when she was younger there was a "Time Traveler" that used to always somehow end up in her meadow where she played. Henry (Eric Bana), who is the time traveler, could not control his ability to travel. So it would happen at random times and when he would travel he would always show up naked at places. The little girl (Claire) became used to him showing up randomly. So, she started leaving clothes out for him so he wouldn't be naked. Over time he became her best friend. In real life Henry was actually traveling into the past, so in real time Claire is the same age as him. He works in a library and one day the bumped into each other. She remembers him but he doesn't remember her because he is visiting her in the future (I know hard to follow right?). So she asks him out to dinner and explains everything. He then realizes what is going on and after being with her he falls in love with her. Then they have a child and all the other events happen over time. I won't get too into the movie on my blog because I don't want to give away any special parts (: I highly recommend this movie! The only thing about the movie is you have to be into watching it. If you don't really care about the movie you won't be able to follow it very well and you could get very easily confused. Other than that I loved it, it makes me want to go and read the book very badly! This movie is a tad bit similar to The Notebook so if you liked that movie you'll LOVE this one! Plus it has the same actress that was in The Notebook, now I must say I love her acting. She is so real in all the films she's in and you can tell she's a hard working actress and really gets into her part!


Anonymous said...

I wish U would post a blog everyday or every week or sumthin ): I luv hearing from u.

xoxoTori said...

Sorry! I've been trying but I've been so caught up in stuff! "/ I'll try harder now, thanks for commenting and telling me this, its what I needed to hear! (:

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