Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Looking For A Healthy Treat?

Recently, I was skimming through the Granola Bar Aile trying to figure out what would be a healthy snack/breakfast/etc. I automatically go toward the Nature Valley Bars because they are my favorite, are healthy, and taste great. (Which is very important! No one wants a healthy bar that tastes like card board!) When I was looking through what kinds I wanted I discovered a new flavor. It was Oats and Dark Chocolate. Having a massive sweet tooth, I grabbed them immediately and check the nutritional value. I was thinking well, they have to be higher in Calories and such than the originals if it has chocolate in it. It wasn't, it was actually the same! Then I thought to myself, well I'll give them a try! When I got home I was anxious to tear open that box and bite into one for my snack. I was expecting it to be very bland, but boy was I wrong. That Granola Bar was the best one I've ever tasted. It tasted exactly like a chocolate chip cookie. It was so good, I actually felt guilty eating it. If you have been trying to cut down on sweets or lose weight for your New Years Resolution, this granola bar will be very helpful. There are two bars in each package a little bit bigger than a stick of butter. The granola makes it very filling and you get a cluster of chocolate in almost every bit. The best thing about this snack is its not too over powering! It has 190 calories, 8 grams of fat, 4 grams of Protein, and 28 carbs. (Rest of nutrition info in side picture) You may be thinking, whoa, that's high in carbs, but that's why its perfect for part of your breakfast! In the morning, your suppose to jump start your day with carbs. That also applies for your mid-day snack when you start to run out of energy. (This fits the snack category perfectly because snacks are suppose to be around 100-250 calories when your trying to lose weight or stay healthy.) So, if your New Years Resolution is to get fit and eat healthy! Don't forget to add Nature Valley Oats N' Dark Chocolate Granola Bar to your grocery list! For more information on Nature Valley Products, click here!


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