Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All-In Yoga App For Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad!

Every morning before I get ready to go to school I like to practice Yoga for 30 minutes to an hour outside in my backyard. It makes me feel zen and energized for the day. I feel so in touch with my body. I've been practicing Yoga for almost 4 years now so I'm pretty in-the-know about poses but sometimes I want to try something new. A few days ago I was looking through the itouch apps and I came across All-In Yoga. I read the reviews on it and they all were positive. I ended up buying it to try something new and because it was only three dollars. I am extremely pleased. There are many awesome features on this app that could really improve your practice. 
                      A few are:
  • Muscle diagrams of poses
  • Videos for how to get into a pose
  • Text-To-Speech 
  • Make-Your-Own Routine Option
  • Already made routines
For three dollars this app is amazing. I have already learned three new poses safely and I don't ever have to worry about doing them wrong. Its great for all levels and when browsing the poses they are separated by experience. There are four levels beginner, intermediate, advanced, and guru! I recommend this app to all levels of yogis!


SoHo Accessories said...

I wish I could just get myself started.

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