Friday, June 6, 2008

The Body Shop.

Do you remember that post I did about making your own perfume. Well I was trying to to it and I realized its such a hassle. So I've been going store to store to find ones that will mix different scents for me. The Body Shop does this. They will mix you lotion, body wash, or perfume. It costs the same amount as the already mixed product. There is no extra fee for adding scents. You just walk up to the counter and ask them about scent-me products. Scent-me products are the lotion, body wash, or perfume without the scent in it. Then you tell them the scents you want and they add it in. If you don't like the smells they mixed they will start a new one! My mother bought a lotion and scented it with sandalwood. When she put it on the scent was nice but not as strong. As the day went on the scent on her arm got stronger and stronger and it smelt fantastic. So the longer you wear it the more you smell it. The Body Shop is an organic store so all their products have natural ingredients. They are also against animal testing, so their products are cruelty-free! Click Here, to find a store near you!

Also going on right now almost the whole store is 50% off! So hurry in to one near you!


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