Thursday, June 19, 2008

For all those contact wearers.

I myself wear contacts and I found adorable contact cases! I was shopping at Walmart and I was looking for butterfly band aides for my little brother and I stumbled upon a contact case that looks like a bug! There were lady bugs, bumble bees, frogs, and butterflies! The cutest one was the bumble bee! I decided to come back for it later because I was in a hurry. Then when I got home my sister came over and it ended up she bought me the bumble bee one! I was so excited because I thought it was so cute! So I went online to the website. Click here to view it. They had so many different ones! They are all cheap too. They cost from 3-5 dollars.The only bummer about buying a cute contact case is your suppose to change it every three months. I figured with contact cases this cute that there was no way I would throw it away unless it was cracked or damaged. When it gets down to the three months when I have to change it I'll just give it a deep cleaning! Sadly, there aren't any pictures of the cute creatures contact case I got (the bumble bee, ladybug, butterflies, etc...) so a picture I took myself, which is at the top right hand corner of the page. These contact cases have the actual case on the inside. They pop open and have a mirror and the contact case that shows left and right on the inside. Hope you like these cute cases. Have a great day! P.S Watch out for a contest that will be coming up for my 100th post (:


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