Monday, July 21, 2008

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Face Wash.

Hey everyone I just got back from Orland, Florida! I had so much fun. It rained bunches there and it was frizz central for your hair! Man, did I learn some new beauty tips there! Haha. Anyways I wanted to review an old product called Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Face Wash! (Mouthful, eh?) I've been using this product for almost two years and I love it. I couldn't live without this! The product claims: Clean & Clear® Morning Burst® Shine Control Facial Cleanser is an energizing cleanser that helps wake you up while it cleans your skin! As you wash, the cleanser's unique bursting beads® burst with energy and vitamins, while the invigorating fragrance enlivens your senses. Formulated with lemongrass and fruit extracts, this cleanser not only removes dirt, oil, and impurities, but also leaves your skin looking shine-free all day.
The way I used this product is I splashed my face with water and left my hands wet. I pumped some of the face wash into my hands and rubbed them together to form a lather. Then I scrubbed it onto my face! My skin type is an oily/dry combination. The results I was looking for was a face wash that made my skin feel waken up in the morning and kept it shine free all day long! This product lives up to what it says. It gave my face an invigorating feeling that woke me up and left my face feeling cold and bright! It has a great citrus smell that I love. Also the bursting beads give you an extra boast of waking you up and keeping you shine free. I will probably keep using this product until they take it off the market! It only cost 7 dollars and it lasts for a long time. You only need one pump of the product per each face wash!

Shine-free all day long!


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