Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hot Mama Blush.

So for my Birthday my older brother gave me an e-certificate for (I swear they have everything on there!) Of course me being a beauty junkie I bought some make-up. I bought Urban Decay Shadow Transforming Potion and I bought TheBalm's Hot Mama Blush. So far I love both of them. What I wanted to talk about to though is Hot Mama Blush. It can work as an eyeshadow, lip color, or a blush! Plus its a beautiful color. Its a peachy shimmery color. I am not going to do a review on it today but I am going to show you some swatches of it. Since I bought the Urban Decay Shadow Transforming Potion I used it to turn the blush into an eyeliner too! There will be pictures down below! The way I used the Hot Mama Blush is I took my blush brush and I smiled and swept it onto my cheeks for the shimmery glow it gives. Then I took my eye shadow brush and applied to my eye lids. Then finally I put it on my lips. There will also be pictures of be with it on.

The swatch is how it would look transformed as eye liner.

Blush Beautifully!


Patience said...

Nice makeup tip Tori, you are really a beautyexpert.

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