Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ah, acne !

Pimple problems? Well I have help for you! I researched and narrowed down the best tips on covering up acne.

Never pop your pimple. The puss that comes out of it will contaminate the area and can cause an infection, scar, or more pimples. If you must pop it, take two tissues and wrap them around your index fingers and pop the pimple. Then wash your hands right after.

First use your concealer, use a brush to apply so this won't contaminate your concealer stick.

Then after apply your foundation. After that use powder to set the foundation.

If you skin tends to get oily throughout the day its best to keep blotting sheets in your pocket or purse! They really work, remember blot, not smear.

If your trying to cover up a zit that's bright red use a green concealer stick to counteract with the red.

If you prefer not to use a lot of make-up when covering up blemishes then try to use a medicated tinted moisturizer. It will hid the blemish but slowly get rid of it. When using the medicated tinted moisturizer ONLY use it where your pimples are, then use a regular tinted moisturizer around the rest of your face. If you use the medicated one all over your face it can cause your face to get very dry and peel.

If you have a pressure pimple then get a hot wash cloth and set it on the pimple for about five minutes or until the wash cloth cools. Then the center of the pimple with rise to the surface and pop. After that happens quickly wipe or wash your face.

Also to prevent what you may think may become an acne scar, use Mederma once a night on the area.

To prevent acne wash your face twice a day in the morning and at night.

Never sleep with your make-up on. This can clog your pores and cause acne.

Use an astringent right after you wash your face to prevent acne. Then apply a good moisturizer with an SPF.

Try not to touch your face when your hands are sweaty or dirty. This will help to keep germs away from your face.


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