Friday, January 30, 2009

Pilates with Ana Caban

I workout at least once a day, I love the feeling right after I do. It makes me feel energized and happy with my body. I've recently been into yoga and pilates. One of my favorite pilates instructors is Ana Caban, she's amazing! I have her DVD on pilates called Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss. Not only is there a workout to either lose or maintain weight, there is also a workout to do in the morning to make you feel energized. Now for all you people out there that don't know what pilates is, its a combination between actual workouts and yoga. Its effective but yet calming. Its probably one of my favorite ways to workout! (Next to the wii fit of course ! (:) The workout I do most on this DVD is the 30-minute weight loss program. It tones all over your body. You use thigh, butt, abs, and much more! You definitely will feel the burn the next day, in a good way though! A few examples of the moves she shows are the pilates 100, the roll-up, and hip circles. Its the best bang for your buck! It costs fifteen dollars, and you can buy it at places like Target or even your book store! Expect more reviews about Ana Caban! (:


Ana Caban said...

Thanks Tori. I am glad that you are enjoying my workouts.

Please check out my community,

In happiness & health,

Ana Cabán

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