Friday, January 23, 2009

Sugar, not only for your coffee, but for your legs?

I have found an alternative to waxing. Its called sugaring, ever heard of it? Its a very interesting process. You can get it professionally done or make your own. You can find the recipe here. It uses water, sugar (hence the name), and lime or lemon juice. Now I have read many reviews of sugaring and a lot of people have said its virtually painless. Now I'm very pleased to know what's in sugaring and its all natural ingredients. There are two different ways you can do sugaring. There is sugaring wax and just plain sugaring. Sugaring wax is the same as waxing but you only need it at room temperature. You spread it evenly where you want it and then you use a piece of cloth and smooth it on top of it. The only difference from waxing is you pull the way the hair grows. Plain sugaring is when you use about half of the sugaring mix and you (its sorta like clay) spread it on your leg and pull it off the way your hair grows. This technique also needs to be at room temperature. If it gets too hot it starts to melt. You keep using the same piece until you get all the hair then you dispose of it. Here's a video.


Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Ohh jeez that sounds a little painful... lol. Maybe im just a wimp haha.

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