Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Board With Your Exercise?

I have a solution! Just about 4 days ago I found out how to use On Demand wit Cox Digital Cable. Now for all you that do not know what On Demand is, is its a menu that you can access (if you have cox) that has stuff such as shows, work outs, and movies that you can catch whenever you want. Now there is some stuff that you have to pay for (such as movies) but certain tv shows and workouts are free. The workouts that I have been using every day are located in the FreeZone category. Once you click that you go to ExerciseTv. Then there are over 20 different exercises you can do for free! They adds new ones every month so you won't get bored. I like to try a new one everyday. There are so many different ones, you'll be bound to find on you love. There is dancing, cardio, yoga, pilates, strength training, and there is even workouts that are specifically designed to work one area. They have exercises from 10 minutes to one hour.


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