Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Hair Trend 2009

This season, braids are in, from braiding back your bangs, to totally twisted braided buns. They are all fun and flirty and perfect for the welcoming of spring. The most popular look is the braided headband. Now all the celebrities have their hairstylists do this for them, but it can be extremely hard for newbies, so a quick and easy way is to buy a headband with faux hair on it in your hair color. Then just slip it on and its a simple look that takes maybe 30 seconds! Another popular look (which is one of my favorites), is the braided back bang. Sometimes when I'm in dance or I'm just sick of my hair in my face I like to do this style. You can either french braid it or just normally braid it. Now I'm not good at french braiding so I just do it normally and bobby pin it. Another style is called the milk maid braid. How you do it, is you put your hair in two pig tails at even height. Then you braid them both, and bobby pin on top of your head. Make sure to conceal the bobby pins and this can be an adorable beach look, or a romatic first date look.


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