Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bath and Body Gradual Tanners!

I started using this product last Summer. Then I stopped when the Winter came. (I don't know why since you would think you would use it during Winter? Haha) I really enjoy using this product because it is basically like a lotion. Some self tanners have that nasty smell to it and my skin absorbs smells pretty well and it used to last on me all day! The Bath and Body Tanner smells fabulous and there are many different scents! The one I have been using recently is Honeysuckle. Its one of my favorites. The reason I use this self tanner is to not get tan by to make my tan last longer. I went to the lake for the three day weekend and I got pretty dark. So right away when I got home I applied the tanner lotion right after I got out of the shower. Its best to do it then because it locks in moisture from your shower. Also if you shower before bed like I do, it gives the tanner some time to work while your sleeping. The price is pretty affordable it costs around fifteen dollars! This product has helped my tan last longer through the Winter too!


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