Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey everyone! This post won't really have to do with beauty but it'll just be an update/vent about my life. So I was gone for a weekend to celebrate my 16th birthday! Woot! It was awesome I had so much fun I was up at the lake with the people I love to be around! I had a great time. Then I came home on Sunday, then on Monday the 27th I started school. I love my schedule and everything is great! I am a Junior in High school this year so this will probably be my toughest year. So I apologize in advanced because I might not be posting as much because I'll be having a lot of homework.
Wow, so this is kinda off subject but I have a legit stalker at my school, no joke. Its kind of starting to freak me out a bit, like to the point where I make sure I'm in a group when I walk to my next class. This kid is such a creep and doesn't take a hint! This grosses me out when I say this but, sadly I used to like him (when he was normal!) but he got all weird on me and was saying very sexual things to me that weren't normal like they were just creepy and gross!!! Finally I was just like that's it your a freak and stopped talking to him and started ignoring his text messages. Well, that plan FAILED MISERABLY because I stopped texting him but he still sent me FIVE texts a day and let me remind I did NOT I repeat did NOT reply to him at all. This went on for a month before I finally said something I just told him very politely I did not want to talk to him anymore (well not in those exact words but you get the point!) That maybe worked for a week then he started texting me again and he actually had the NERVE to ask me if my dad's business would sponsor his soccor time? In my head I was like Uhm NO! I know I sound really mean writing this but I swear I'm not mean! If you met this kid you would completely understand! Anyway, back to him actually stalking me. Last year in school I didn't seem him once during school. This year I see him everywhere! No joke, I see him every time I walk to class and he is always almost behind me. Its like he tries to find me. He pretty much knows my schedule now! I was walking to my medical career science class and he popped out of no where when I was alone and came running yelling my name to give me a hug. I didn't want to be mean so I gave him a hug back then I found my friends that were walking in front of me thank god and made a bee line toward them. I found out that he only targets me when I'm alone! Another weird thing is he walked up to my best friend at lunch when she wasn't with me and started talking to her about me, how I am, where I am, and why I haven't been responding to me. I almost walked over there to stand with her in the lunch line until I saw him over there; she said it was super creepy they way he was talking! Sorry guys I'm probably boring you with this but I needed to vent! Plus I have no idea what to do, do you guys have any advice for me and how to tell him to back off without making a scene???

Okay now on to something else haha, I haven't gotten my drivers license yet because I'm going to take a drivers ed so I'm better at driving then I'll be getting my license woo hoo! (: Oh and also today I applied at the Sprouts grocery store near me! I'm really anxious because I won't know if I'll get accepted to work there until a month or so! Haha it was so sad I went to get a application at a grocery store really close to me like so close I could walk and they totally rejected me! Haha the guy was like " I'm sorry but we aren't hiring right now, you could go apply over there at the computer (in a snotty tone he said that)! So I walk over there and the computer is completely broken! I was kinda sad ): Haha oh well the people who were working there were kind creepy anyway! I'm going to stop rambling now! Thank you for whoever actually read this whole blog! God bless you ! (:

UPDATE! I found out that my stalker is stalking other girls too! I feel like we should start a club or have a secret code word or something when they need to get away from him! Hahahaha


Just Meg said...

wow tori; he does sound like a major creep.

did u sell all your makeup or was i the only one? lol

HouseOfHealthy said...

i love your personality :P i have a website too, i use adsense so can you please click some ads ? thankyouuuuuu :) xoxo

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