Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Benefit Legally Bronze

So about three weeks ago I ran into Sephora to return some stuff that didn't really work out for me. I walked around to check out all the new products out for Spring. The new Legally Bronze kit from Benefit caught my eye. It has everything I've been dying to buy! All the best sellers are in there Hula Bronzer, High Beam, Gilded Eyeliner, and Bad Gal Brown Mascara. Plus it comes in an adorable little make-up bag. To me, all the products in there together would be perfect for Summer. I have actually tried them all together and it makes a perfect care-free look. Which is what I'm guessing Benefit is going for. Its great for those days when you feel lazy with your make-up or you just don't feel like wearing a lot. Another great thing about this nifty little kit is most of the products in there you can use a numerous amount of ways. For instance, the Gilded Eyeliner can be used as an eyeshadow base, which I have actually tried and it looks great. Another product that is a multitasker is the High Beam, you can use it as a highlighter, blush, or a lip product. I have no bad comments for any of the products, I'm %100 satisfied! This kit is a $105 value but you only pay $32 which is awesome! You can buy it here!


Kylie said...

I want to try this. I'm pretty pale and I don't tan much. I'm looking for a good bronze look. I tried a Healthy Wear bronzer from Physicians Formula and it turns me ORANGE!!!

Hannah said...

How did you use high beam as a lip color? I tried and it made me look so washed out! But I got this kit a while ago too and I really love it, your right, you do get a great natural beautiful look!

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