Friday, April 9, 2010

How To Get Fabulous Flat Abs!

This has been a very popular question that people all around the world want the answer to. Its pretty simple, and I'm not just saying that. Its a few simple lifestyle changes. Such as working out more often, limiting sugar, and eating flat belly friendly foods! I will try to make this into a series so that I focus on one part of the body each post (i.e. legs, arms, etc). Now first, onto the exercise!

Tons of people have made the mistake of assuming that the only way to get a flat tummy its to do hundreds and hundreds of crunches. Well, that is part of it but not all of it. You actually have to do Cardio along with all the crunches! Yeah, you heard me! The reason why is when you get your heart rate up that speeds up the fat burning process, which leads to burning belly fat and fat other places! Have a sweat session also will slightly increase your metabolism leading you to burn fat all throughout the day more than you usually would. See how Cardio is an important factor? So, try to keep a steady Cardio plan to do along with the exercises I'm about to explain. Cardio includes anything that gets your heart pumping! It could be dancing (Zumba!), swimming, running, cycling, power walking, or hiking! (Of course there's always more than those options too!) Now FINALLY, on to my ab workouts! The only equipment you need is a Yoga Mat which is optional and 3-8 pound dumbbells! P.S "A" is the beginning pose and "B" is the ending pose.

3 Count Leg Lowers 10 Repetitions- Place your hands lightly behind your head and raise your head only off of the pat. Lower legs down in three counts then in one count pull them back to the beginning pose without using momentum.

3 Count Leg Lifts 10 Repetitions- This is the same as the exercise above accept reversed. So starting down ("B" would be the beginning pose now) and raise your legs in three counts then in one count lower them back into the beginning pose.

Bicycle 30 Seconds (Fast or Slow)- Place your hands gently behind your head. Then pull one knee into your chest while extending the other leg. Twist toward the knee that's into your chest. Its as if you were trying to touch your shoulder to your knee while keeping your arms extended, so you can't see them when you look straight forward. Then switch and pull the other leg in and twist the other way.

Dead Bug 12 Repetitions- Start with arms crossed over your chest and your knees lifted at a 90 degree angle (Picture "A"). Then extend your legs out as if you were trying to touch something far away with your feet. (Picture "B")

Crunches With Knees Down 20 Repetitions- This is just your basic crunch. Place your hands lightly behind your head without interlacing the fingers. Then try to lift your shoulders off of your mat. When doing this exercise try not to have your chin to your chest or you chin to the ceiling. Also, avoid pulling on the neck.

Crunches With Knees Up 20 Repetitions- Same crunch as the exercise above but while holding your knees at a 90 degree angle.

Crunches With Legs Up 20 Repetitions- Once again, same exercise as the "Crunch with Knees Down" but you have your legs extended in the air. 

Ankle Touchers 20 Repetitions- Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet out far enough that you can't touch your ankles just lying there. Lift your shoulders off of the mat. Then extend and lift your arms along side of you. Try to lean to one side and touch your ankle. (When you do it right, you should feel a very tight feeling in your side, this is working your Obliques which are your side abs.) Once you lean to once side, reach toward the other side and touch the other ankle. Once on each side is considered once. So you would reach right then left and that'd be considered one.

Ankle Reaches With Weights 20 Repetition- This is similar to the "Ankle Touches" but your standing. It targets the same area of the abs. First, stand up straight with your legs at hip distance. With your arms down at your sides holding 3-8 pound dumbbells. Reach down once side of your body and then come back to center. Then reach to the opposite side. Once again, doing one on each side is considered one. 

Oblique Crunches 20 Repetitions Each Side- Lie flat on your back and extend one arm to the side and place the other behind your head. The side that the arm is extended on that leg will cross over your other legs knee. So if you have your left arm extended you will cross your left leg over your right knee. Raise up like you are trying to touch your shoulder to your knee but keeping your arms the way they arm. Then switch and do the opposite side. 

Eating Right:

Another huge role in the process to getting flat abs is eating healthy. If you try to cut out at least one bad thing a day it gets you one step closer to that amazing stomach you've always dreamed of! 

What To Eat/Drink:
Fruits and Veggies
Whole Grain or Wheat Bread (Instead of White!)
Almonds (Natural fat fighters!)
Veggie Soup
Salmon and Halibut
Green Tea (Its a natural fat burner!) 
TONS AND TONS AND TONS OF WATER! (I can't stress this enough that you need to drink tons of water!)

These foods/drinks are proven to be great for a flat belly! Just make sure you watch your serving sizes, accept for the fruits and veggies you can have as many of those as you want!

What Not To Eat/Drink:

Foods that are high in bad fat, unhealthy carbs, and sugar.

Its pretty easy to tell what you should and shouldn't eat. If you just start looking at the nutritional value you'll learn that not everything is flat belly friendly. 


When doing the exercises above and just whenever you remember to, pull your belly button into your stomach. That means always keep your abs tightened.

Sometimes when you feel hungry, your aren't actually hungry. Your body just gets confused with thirst. So before you start cooking up a meal. Drink a glass of water and see if that helps.

Blast fun music when working out, it'll make it go a lot faster.

Don't feel guilty if you splurge a bit on a fattening food or something, there's always the next day to fix it.

Keep a log of all your progress, its motivating and keeps you going toward your goal! Also, set a designated time to workout, it'll help you keep on track!

This is an actual picture of me and I wanted to put this in here to show you that it is possible! I'm proof and I actually practice what I preach! If you work hard enough you can get to your goals!


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I'm going to try to do these exercises every day. I would love to see some other posts focusing on other body parts. This was really motivating. Thanks!


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