Friday, June 27, 2008

Urban Decay Galoshes and Lingerie

Hey everyone I have fallen madly in love for Urban Decay Galoshes and Lingerie. What this product is meant to do is there is a primer (Lingerie) and a water-proofer (Galoshes). You apply the primer right before you put on your mascara and it gives it that extra oomph! Then you apply your mascara. After, you apply the water-proofer, its a clear coat that makes it so your mascara won't run when it gets wet. I've been testing this product for about 2 months now. (I bought it for the summer so I could use the water-proofer). The product claims: This double-ended wonder makes the most of your own mascara, in one perfect package. Slip on a little LINGERIE before you apply mascara--it plumps, lifts and separates with our exclusive fiber-rich formula. Then toss on some GALOSHES and you’re good to go. Perfect for pool parties, weddings and days at the beach when you need the reliability of your favorite mascara and don’t want to take chances.Sleek purple wand comes complete with cute graphics. Waterproof formula for special occasions. How I used this product is exactly how I said above. I apply the primer on my freshly washed lashes (i.e. after I washed my face.). Then I used my mascara. After it set I used the water-proofer. The results I was looking for is a primer that can stand up to my thick lashes and a water-proofer that can stand up to the beach, lake, or pool. I really liked this product because it worked! I used Lingerie and it made my lashes look longer and then I used Galoshes and it stood up to the pool, beach, and lake! The only downside I noticed was the primer was white so you have to make it look even or there would be white clumps all over the place. When you put on your mascara sometimes the white would show through. The same thing happened with the water-proofer it was a clearish color but you could still see it if you applied it wrong. Other than that I had no issues with it. It costs 17 dollars and you can get it at Sephora or Ulta.


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