Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bored With Your Water?

I know its hard to get the recommended amount of water each day. Sometimes you just crave a sweet or tangy drink. I found a great way to light up your aqua! Its called True Lemon; now what it is, is its a salt like flavoring that you can put in your water, food, or anywhere you use lemon juice! There is more than just lemon, there is orange and lime too! Now when I say its a salt like powder, I don't actually mean its flavored salt; it tastes like the real thing! I was so shocked, none of that yucky after taste you get with overly sweetened flavored water. I was even more shocked when I found out you could use it on things like fish and chicken just as if it was a real lemon. It has zero calories, carbs, sugar, sweetener, sodium, and preservatives. So its very good for you! The way I found out about this product was in a fitness magazine, so I visited the website and I ordered free samples. They sent me a few packets of each flavor and some coupons for it. I highly recommend this product, I can't rave about it anymore, the taste is so pure and fresh. (Okay, well maybe I could rave about it just a little bit longer (;) Have a beautiful day!


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