Sunday, April 5, 2009

In's and Out's

I've decieded to do a products in's and out's. To show which ones I'm currently loving and which ones that aren't so much my favorite. Plus whatever else is on my mind! Hahah (:


One A Day Vitamin Teens- These things give me that extra kick in the morning !

Biore Cleansing Clothes- In like two swipes all my hard to remove make-up is off!

Frizz-Ease Heat Protecting Spray- This really eliminates some of my split ends!

Re-usable Water Bottles- I've been saving so much plastic by bringing on of these babies with me to my workout classes.

Cream Eyeshadow- For some reason right now I'm digging the cream shadow, its so smooth and easy to apply, it takes me like five seconds.


Empty Hair Spray Bottles- This pretty much says it all, I hate having to go out and buy another hair spray.

Clumpy Mascara- I think everyone pretty much agrees with this one, besides when has clumpy ever been in?

Crest Toothpaste- They test on animals, as soon as I finish off my tube I'm done with them until they come to their senses.

Annoying Alarm Clocks- I wish I had an alarm clock that has a pretty sound to wake me up soothingly!

Finishing Your Shampoo Before Your Conditioner- Ugh, this bugs me so much. I always finish my shampoo like five days before my conditioner.

Even though this isn't a tag I tag Livy from the blog Fresh Ideas For You!


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