Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to Help Winter Hair.

Do you ever get dry damaged hair from the Winter?
Well I have ways to help you because it happens to me to.

First off is during the winter it is best not to use a lot of heat such as curling irons, 3 barrels, straighteners, blow dryers, etc.
If you absolutely must use heat then I suggest you use heat products to protect your hair.
You can use these through the whole season and not just during winter. Plus its better for your hair and it even makes your hair shi
nier and prevents split ends.
A suggestion I have for a product is:
TRESemmé thermal care creations heat tamer spray.
I use this on my hair after I get out of the shower. I just spray a little in my hair and brush it through.
Now when dealing with the winter breakage you should use a hydrating Shampoo and conditioner.
Such as Hello Hydration from Herbal Essence.
Another you can use which has great smell is
Bath and Body's Signature Collection Hair care.
You can pick any scent you want as long as its Moisturizing.

Well I hope this helped you and please rate my blog so I can see how much this helped people.
Thank you and Happy New Years!

xoxo, Tori


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