Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Discovery!

Neutrogena Wave, ever heard of it? Its pretty cool! Its a battery powered cleanser. It uses vibrations to help you get dirt, make-up, and oils out of your skin! It says that in 1 day your skin will be softer. Its true I've only used mine for like 3-4 days and my skin is the softest its ever been! It really does change your skin on the first day! You can get it in 3 different colors there is pink, blue, and green. I have the green one (: Its just like all those other expensive cleaners but this one is smaller and cheaper! It comes with attachable cleansing pads with face wash in them! All you have to do is wet is and stick it on. Its that simple! I bought mine at Walmart for twelve dollars. It had the best deal there because it had the best price. The Wave comes with 2 weeks worth of the face wash pads but the Walmart one gives you 4 weeks of face wash pads! If you would like to read more about it here's the link! Neutrogena Wave. Hope I helped you learn more about this product! xoxo, Tori


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