Monday, January 7, 2008

Ways to tweeze.

Ways to make your eyebrow tweezing much much easier.

Which tweezer should you use?

Thin tip- These tweezers are good for plucking fine hairs or ingrown hairs.
Slanted tip- gives you a lot more control.
Square tip-best used for removing coarse hairs or a few hairs at a time.

When you get out of a warm shower that's the best time to pluck your eye brows because the warm water makes hair follicles looser so its easier to pull them out. Also if you don't have time after the shower then you could just apply a warm wash cloth to your eye brows.

Hold a pencil verticals along your nose.
This is where your eye brows should start.
Hint: Leave a bit more space will widen close-set eyes.

Hold pencil to outside of eye this is where your eye brow should end.
Smooth eye brows with a little bit of moisturizer it will help hairs slide out.

Tweeze under your brow first and tweeze it in the direction its growing.
Hint: If your eye brows become soar then add some Anbesol even though its a tooth ache number it will work on your eye brows.

After tweezing cool the area with cool wet tea bags.

Also if you want to avoid any more pain take 2 ibuprofen one hour before you tweeze.

Hope these tips helped you!

xoxo, Tori


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