Monday, March 31, 2008

Deep breathing&relaxation!

Hello everyone. Today I tried a few new exercises. I tried yoga, core rhythms, and an exercise ball. I feel so refreshed! For yoga I got a video, mat, and 2 yoga bricks. The video was very relaxing and gave me an idea of how to stretch. If you go to a Target or Walmart and go to the sports section you can look and find a kit. The brand I recommend is Gaiam. Click here! The exercise ball I got came from Target and was only 9 dollars! Thats a great deal compared to 25 dollars. This exercise ball came with a hand pump and simple workouts to do. The core rhythms was a lot of fun. It is a fast paced dancing that tones your body at the same time. It mostly targets your abs, chest, and legs. I had a blast doing this on because it made my heart rate go up and I had fun. The music they use in the video also has a great beat to it. The instructors are very easy to watch and understand. Here is a website for it! I hope this puts you all in the exercising mood! Have a energy pumped day!


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