Friday, March 7, 2008

New Product Alert.

I was reading Teen Vogue and I found this ad that was in there. It was about Be Fine Food Skincare products. I read it and it sounded really interesting so I decided to go online. I read and it talked about how your skin needs some of the same food you eat such as mint, chocolate, coconut, pineapple, ginger, Rosemary, Almond, Apple, and Pomegrante. They have so many different products that I want to try! The only problem is its pretty expensive. The lowest price item is twenty dollars and it goes up to twenty-five dollars. They do have some good deals at CVS pharmacy. There is a morning sampler for twenty dollars and it comes with three of their products. I'm going to buy 1-2 of these products and review them! Hope you try them too! Have a yummy day!


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