Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Have a secret? Tell it....?

Hey everyone. Today I was cleaning and I found pushed back in a closet a helium tank. So I dusted it off and drug it out. There was a few balloons left so I decided to do a fun little craft. I blew up about 10 balloons. (Mine were small sized because we didn't have any bigger ones) Then I tied them all together and wrote a secret on a piece of paper that I have been dying to get out but didn't want to tell anyone. Then I wrote my cell phone number on there and then tied it to the balloons. After that I went outside and let them go. I watched it fly away and took some pictures. The reason for me writing my cell phone number on there is so whoever found it could call me and tell me where it landed, to see how far away it landed. After I went inside it made me feel good that I let one of my secrets out but still no one I knew, knew. (: I hope this activity helps you feel the way I did! Have a balloon-tastic day! P.S The picture is one of the ones I took, I just enhanced it because it was too dark.


Livy said...

That is a great idea! I'm not even kidding. I really like that. Are you going to tell your fans what your secret is? Haha.

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