Saturday, March 8, 2008

Flip Flops for Spring or Summer!

Hey everyone. I was going through all my flip flops and I found my favorite pair. The brand is Havaianas. They have the best and the softest flip flops. I know once again it is a little earlier to be looking for them. Its still snowing in some places! I just thought that you might like to look at these before the prices shoot up because of the summer! They have all different colors, patterns, and styles. Click Here for the web link! You can buy these shoes online or a well known store like Nordstrom. The price starts at twenty dollars! I Hope you guys like these shoes as much as me! Have a beauty-filled day!


Livy said...

Too cold for flipflops for me, plus I am a more American Eagle flops girl. Also that site took a while to load. I did not even wait... How much are they?

Piper said...

dude, please comment, I need your boy-mind-reading powers!

Piper said...

*yawns* I miss you! :(

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