Friday, March 14, 2008

Physicians Formula.

Hello, today I discovered 2 really cool products. I found Physicians Formula Flawless Complexion Kit. Which is a kit that comes with a foundation, a finishing veil, and a blush. This product line is for skins that are extra sensitive or breakout-prone. This means that skins that get irritated easily can use it or skins that breakout to certain types of make-up can also use it. I got this kit in the color medium and it costs around 20 dollars. It is sorta high priced but there is a guarantee on it so if it doesn't work you can take it and get your money back. I got this from Target so you just keep the receipt and return it within 90 days. Another product I'm trying out is Physicians Formula Blemish RX Healing Concealer. This is suppose to hid and get rid of your blemishes. This product costs about 9 dollars. These two products have been getting good ratings. So when I figure out if I like them or not I will let you know. I hope you like these products! Have a flawless day!

Here is the link to their website!


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