Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Physicians Formula Continued...

Hello everyone! I was just getting back to everyone about Physicians Formula Complexion Kit. I was very happy with the results of this product. My skin breaks out pretty easily when it comes to certain products on my face. I used this and it made my skin feel pretty and new, there was no zits or any sign of breakout! Also my face is sorta discolored and red and blotchy and this product hid it very well! Another good thing about this product is it doesn't rub off! Have you ever seen someone have foundation on and it was a mask and you could tell it was on, or someone was wearing a white shirt and someone hugged them and you saw their foundation all over their shirt?! Well this product doesn't do either of those! Physicians Formula Complexion Kit comes with the foundation, a shimmer veil, and blush! Just a reminder the price is 20 dollars! I highly recommend this product! Hope you have a beauty-filled day!


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