Monday, March 24, 2008

Knitting for grannies???

Not anymore! I learned how to knit about hmm maybe 8 months ago? I know you guys are probably going ew, knitting that's for grannies. Well it isn't anymore! You can make so many new things like scarfs, hats, sweaters, blankets, and much much more! Its really relaxing and you have so many fun and pretty colors of yarn to choose from. I taught myself how to knit with this kit! It also taught me how to crochet! This kit comes with a crochet hook, two pairs of knitting needles, point protectors, tension gauge, and stitch markers. After you buy the book all you need is a good ball of yarn. I bought my book at a craft store names Michaels, but you can find this book at Walmart, a craft store, or even Barns and Noble. Knitting can get pretty hard but if you just relax and follow the easy-to-read instructions on the book you'll be fine! Currently I'm working on a scarf. (even though its not cold anymore but its giving me something to do!) Hope this gets you in the mood to knit. Have a fantastic day!


Livy said...

Haha. I have been wanting to learn how to knit for about two years now and have never gotten around to it. I might try this kit. :) I have been clicking on those charities a lot and I think it is a great idea!

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