Monday, March 31, 2008

Deep breathing&relaxation!

Hello everyone. Today I tried a few new exercises. I tried yoga, core rhythms, and an exercise ball. I feel so refreshed! For yoga I got a video, mat, and 2 yoga bricks. The video was very relaxing and gave me an idea of how to stretch. If you go to a Target or Walmart and go to the sports section you can look and find a kit. The brand I recommend is Gaiam. Click here! The exercise ball I got came from Target and was only 9 dollars! Thats a great deal compared to 25 dollars. This exercise ball came with a hand pump and simple workouts to do. The core rhythms was a lot of fun. It is a fast paced dancing that tones your body at the same time. It mostly targets your abs, chest, and legs. I had a blast doing this on because it made my heart rate go up and I had fun. The music they use in the video also has a great beat to it. The instructors are very easy to watch and understand. Here is a website for it! I hope this puts you all in the exercising mood! Have a energy pumped day!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

KP Duty.

Hi everyone. I would like to tell you all about a miracle product I found. I couldn't live without it. I have a skin disorder that is called Keratosis Pilaris. Its not a serious condition and about 40%-50% of the adult population has this. Another name for this is "chicken skin", the reason being is it looks like goosebumps on your skin. Many people don't know they have it. It has a rough dryish feeling to it and it mostly is on the back or on your arms. This can be confused with acne if it occurs on the face. This skin disorder is completely harmless, although it is annoying. If you would like to learn more click here. For a picture of what it looks like click here also. There can be very mild or severe cases. I have it in the middle and I hated it. It was on my face a little bit and all over my arms. To me it looked disgusting but very few people noticed it until they actually touched or really looked at my skin. Anyways the product that I have been using is called KP duty. It is a scrub that you use gently in the shower and then you wash it off. After you was it off you put on the lotion. I noticed this product working on my skin within a week. I love my skin now, its so smooth and soft. Also it isn't as discolored. I would rate this product a 10 out of 5! That's how much I love it! This product is high priced so only use it if you have medium-bad Keratosis Pilaris. Here is the website for the product. Just stroll down for the product. The scrub is 44 dollars and the lotion is 36 dollars. Ouch! If this product doesn't work on your skin you get a full refund. Also if you want to find a better deal search on ebay. Hope this really helps your condition (: Have a smooth day!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Knitting for grannies???

Not anymore! I learned how to knit about hmm maybe 8 months ago? I know you guys are probably going ew, knitting that's for grannies. Well it isn't anymore! You can make so many new things like scarfs, hats, sweaters, blankets, and much much more! Its really relaxing and you have so many fun and pretty colors of yarn to choose from. I taught myself how to knit with this kit! It also taught me how to crochet! This kit comes with a crochet hook, two pairs of knitting needles, point protectors, tension gauge, and stitch markers. After you buy the book all you need is a good ball of yarn. I bought my book at a craft store names Michaels, but you can find this book at Walmart, a craft store, or even Barns and Noble. Knitting can get pretty hard but if you just relax and follow the easy-to-read instructions on the book you'll be fine! Currently I'm working on a scarf. (even though its not cold anymore but its giving me something to do!) Hope this gets you in the mood to knit. Have a fantastic day!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh, Mailman?

About a week ago I ordered a beauty kit off of Barns and Nobles website and its called The Beauty Buyble. It has over 50 dollars in samples and it comes with a book with all the tips you could possible need! The original price is 20 dollars but if you click here you can get it as low as $9.95. This product is really worth the buy. Some examples of the samples in the box are Softlips chapstick, FREEZE 24/7 Lip Plumper, Nivea Soft moisturizing creme, E.L.F Brightening Eye Liner, Jelly Bath Hand Soak, and much much more! The book has very good detail and its very easy to understand. It talks about how to conserve your products and what products you need for your type of hair, skin, face, etc! They list products in categories and they label them with High meaning high priced, medium meaning middle price, low meaning low priced, and Outrageous meaning its extremely expensive. I rate this product a four out of five stars. I really hope that you can check out this product! Have a beautified day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks.

Yesterday night I decided to treat myself with a facial. (Once again (: ) I used a facial that came in a small packet that was by Montagne Jeunesse. It was called Cucumber Purifying Peel-Off Masque. This mask worked very very well. I loved it, it took about ten minutes to dry and then you just peel it off. When I was getting ready to peel it off I was thinking it was going to come off all messy and peel off piece by piece. To my surprise it came off all together. This masks comes in a packet and costs around one dollar. Its a VERY reasonable price. They have so many different types and flavors. Another good thing is they don't just have these masks for your hair, they have them for your feet, hands, legs, and hair! The next one I'm going to try is the Chocolate Mud Mask. You can find these packets at Walmart, CVS, or drugstores. Also another thing I wanted to talk about was a website, you enter in the website and click these links and they donate money to animals, rain forests, children's reading, breast cancer, and hunger. I have been trying to click these links every day and I really hope you could do the same. Click here for the website. At the top of the page you can see all the navigations to the other pages. I really hope you can help donate money! Have a grateful day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fashion Alert...

And a deals alert! Right now at Wet Seal they are having a sale that ALL dress are 15 dollars. There are many, many cute ones! I'm buying one online! It doesn't say how long it lasts so you better hurry! If you keep a look out Wet Seal has a lot more sales like these! If you would like to buy a dress online click here! If you just want to look at them you could click the link too! I hope this little fashion alert helps you find a cute dress for Easter! Have a cute day!

Have a secret? Tell it....?

Hey everyone. Today I was cleaning and I found pushed back in a closet a helium tank. So I dusted it off and drug it out. There was a few balloons left so I decided to do a fun little craft. I blew up about 10 balloons. (Mine were small sized because we didn't have any bigger ones) Then I tied them all together and wrote a secret on a piece of paper that I have been dying to get out but didn't want to tell anyone. Then I wrote my cell phone number on there and then tied it to the balloons. After that I went outside and let them go. I watched it fly away and took some pictures. The reason for me writing my cell phone number on there is so whoever found it could call me and tell me where it landed, to see how far away it landed. After I went inside it made me feel good that I let one of my secrets out but still no one I knew, knew. (: I hope this activity helps you feel the way I did! Have a balloon-tastic day! P.S The picture is one of the ones I took, I just enhanced it because it was too dark.

Physicians Formula Continued...

Hello everyone! I was just getting back to everyone about Physicians Formula Complexion Kit. I was very happy with the results of this product. My skin breaks out pretty easily when it comes to certain products on my face. I used this and it made my skin feel pretty and new, there was no zits or any sign of breakout! Also my face is sorta discolored and red and blotchy and this product hid it very well! Another good thing about this product is it doesn't rub off! Have you ever seen someone have foundation on and it was a mask and you could tell it was on, or someone was wearing a white shirt and someone hugged them and you saw their foundation all over their shirt?! Well this product doesn't do either of those! Physicians Formula Complexion Kit comes with the foundation, a shimmer veil, and blush! Just a reminder the price is 20 dollars! I highly recommend this product! Hope you have a beauty-filled day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Facial Product Gone Wrong...

Hello everyone. A couple days ago I bought BeFine's Warming Clay Mask. I was very disappointed with it. First off is it says its a "warming" clay mask, it heated up for a second in my hand and then went back to room temperature. That sorta ticked me off. I thought well maybe it will still make my skin feel nice and smooth. Well I was wrong, right after I washed it off my face it left a very sticky feeling. I washed my face about 3 more times and it still felt this way. I was very upset because it just was an unpleasant feel. I really don't recommend this product. The only good thing about this product is there is a 90 day guarantee on it and you can return it for a full refund. I hope you take my advice and don't buy this product.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mmm. What's that smell?

Hello my fellow readers! Yesterday I purchased a kit that comes with an oil burner and an oil. I bought this from Bath and Body Works. Now what it is, is its a a figure that has a small bowel held above a flame and you put oils in the top part. Then you just lite the tea candle that you put below it and you can smell the oil for hours and hours. I absolutely love it. I only got it yesterday and already I'm using it all the time. The fragrance oil that came in the kit is called Pineapple Mango. The kit costs around 20 dollars and there are several different ones you can get with different scents. Keep in mind that alone the oils are $7.50 and the actual oil burner was $15 so its a good deal. I checked the price around the store to make sure it was. (: Hope you have a good smelling day!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Physicians Formula.

Hello, today I discovered 2 really cool products. I found Physicians Formula Flawless Complexion Kit. Which is a kit that comes with a foundation, a finishing veil, and a blush. This product line is for skins that are extra sensitive or breakout-prone. This means that skins that get irritated easily can use it or skins that breakout to certain types of make-up can also use it. I got this kit in the color medium and it costs around 20 dollars. It is sorta high priced but there is a guarantee on it so if it doesn't work you can take it and get your money back. I got this from Target so you just keep the receipt and return it within 90 days. Another product I'm trying out is Physicians Formula Blemish RX Healing Concealer. This is suppose to hid and get rid of your blemishes. This product costs about 9 dollars. These two products have been getting good ratings. So when I figure out if I like them or not I will let you know. I hope you like these products! Have a flawless day!

Here is the link to their website!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Victoria Secret Lip Balm.

Hi everyone! Once again I found another lip gloss/balm. As you can probably tell by now I have tried many many lip glosses. I love lip gloss. Its the one thing that I couldn't leave the house with! So you will probably get to see all the lip glosses I've tried. Well anyways the product is called Victoria Secret Lip Balm. It hydrates your lips and gives them a pretty shine. The reason why I love this so much is because I have braces and my lips get chapped all the time. I used to apply chapstick and then lip gloss, but now all I need is this! Its like a 2-1! It costs about 7 dollars. Another great thing is there is a deal at Victoria secret where they have 2 for 10 dollars. So you could get this and another thing such as a powder eye shadow, lip gloss, or anything else that's over there! I hope this helps you! Have a glossy day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jewelry getting too expensive? Try this!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I've been up at a lake in my state! Anyways I just wanted to give you a fun idea for jewelry. It is to bead your own necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and even rings! I have been doing this for a while now and I love it! You could buy the supplies at Michaels, Walmart, or a craft store! There are kits that you can buy that will have all the supplies you need. The best part about all of this is it saves you a bunch of money! You can even make these as gifts and people love them! I hope this tip helps you! Have a bead-a-ful day!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Flip Flops for Spring or Summer!

Hey everyone. I was going through all my flip flops and I found my favorite pair. The brand is Havaianas. They have the best and the softest flip flops. I know once again it is a little earlier to be looking for them. Its still snowing in some places! I just thought that you might like to look at these before the prices shoot up because of the summer! They have all different colors, patterns, and styles. Click Here for the web link! You can buy these shoes online or a well known store like Nordstrom. The price starts at twenty dollars! I Hope you guys like these shoes as much as me! Have a beauty-filled day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Product Alert.

I was reading Teen Vogue and I found this ad that was in there. It was about Be Fine Food Skincare products. I read it and it sounded really interesting so I decided to go online. I read and it talked about how your skin needs some of the same food you eat such as mint, chocolate, coconut, pineapple, ginger, Rosemary, Almond, Apple, and Pomegrante. They have so many different products that I want to try! The only problem is its pretty expensive. The lowest price item is twenty dollars and it goes up to twenty-five dollars. They do have some good deals at CVS pharmacy. There is a morning sampler for twenty dollars and it comes with three of their products. I'm going to buy 1-2 of these products and review them! Hope you try them too! Have a yummy day!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fond Farewells. Oh no!

Bath and Body Works is getting rid of a lot of their scents! The good news is if they are getting rid of a lot of scents then that means they are making more new ones! Right now they have a deal which is buy 3 get one free! The scents they are getting rid of are Cotton Blossom, Exotic Coconut, Gardenia, Magnolia Blossom, Peony, Pink Grapefruit, Tropical Passion fruit, White Cherry Blossom, Breathe Happiness, Breathe Energy, Breathe Romance, Breathe Calm, and Breathe Delight. I can't believe they are getting rid of so many ): Also they are having another sale which is selected items are 60% off! Wow what a good deal! Also they have a new scent out that is called Enchanted Orchid it smells fantastic! I hope this helped you get into the shopping spirit! Email me if anyone wants to hear specific topics on my blog! Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Garnier Fructis Hairspray

I have discovered a great product! Its Garnier Fructis Hairspray. It has great hold and a great smell. But wait there's more! It also keeps your hair soft! Other hair sprays can sometimes make your hair feel crunchy and stiff like a twig. This hairspray doesn't even come close to that! I curl my hair a lot and this is one of the first hair sprays that actually holds my hair for the WHOLE day! Yeah, that's right the whole day! This is one of my make-up essentials. The last time I went to Target (also when I got all my make-up goodies) I got a great deal! Usually the hairspray is 4 dollars, but it was on sale for 3 dollars and then it came with a dollar of coupon attached to it so it was only 2 dollars! Another great thing about the hairspray is it combs out and it doesn't flake. Hope I get you addicted to this hairspray!
Have a beauty-filled day!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Looking for a good book?

Have you heard of Gossip Girls the television series? Well I usually watch that show and I loved it. So I decided I'll read on of the books. So I read the book and its better than the show! For those who don't know about this series its packed full with gossip, drama, and pretty much anything that happens in a teenagers life. Click here to read more about this book! This book is has some adult content in it such as swear words and sexual content. Other than that its a great book. This is the type of book you can get buried into. Hope you like it as much as me!

Spending too much time getting ready?

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting as often as I usually do! I just haven't had the time! Here are some tips to lesson your time getting ready!
What helps me is I like to layout my clothes and make-up I want to use the night before. It takes about 5 minutes to do but it saves you tons of time in the morning rush.
Take your shower the night before. This saves loads of time. Instead of applying your lotion then waiting for it to dry and then spray on perfume, try using a moisterizing spray. Such as Bath and Body's Pure Silk Body Splash. This has moisturizing silk amino acids and aloe vera.
For washing your face in the morning you have to sometimes have to do multiple steps. Try finding a product that has more than on purpose to it so it takes less time.
When you have to cover up blemishes and fake perfect skin it can take some time. Well try Maybelline's express 3-in-1 make-up stick.

Cream eyeshadow works best on the go. You just glide some on with your finger and your off!
Did you mess up your make-up? Well instead of washing your WHOLE face and having to re-apply; use
Biore Daily Cleansing Clothes. This way you can direct to wear you need to fix.

These are just a few tips I found and use! Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Revlon did it again!

I recently bought Revlon's Sheer Loose Powder Eye Shadow. Its great! It has an awesome container for the shadow and it has pretty colors. Its very easy to put on and it last all day! Its about 9 dollars and it comes with 4 colors. There are 3 different sets that you can get. I bought mine at Target, but you can find it at any drug store. This is probably going to be my new favorite eye shadow. Hope you have a nice day!

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