Monday, February 11, 2008

Beauty Survival kit?!

Hi everyone I thought you might like to hear about this tip! I like to keep (what I call) a beauty survival kit. I take it with me to school or in my purse. Its in a good sized bag. If I'm going somewhere in a hurry all I have to do is grab it and go!
This is what it contains:
Mini Mouthwash
Mini Lotion
Blotting Sheets (Clean and Clear)
Eye Liner
Hair Tie
Bobby Pin
Mini perfume
Aleeve (Thanks Livy!)
Emergency Money

Then I keep it all in a Victoria Secret bag that says Very Sexy on it and it has a zip open bottom on it with a mirror!


Piper said...

good idea!

Livy said...

That is cool, but don't forget to have some aleve for headaches and cramps.

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