Friday, February 22, 2008

Rainy Days!

Right now where I live its raining. So I thought of some tips and research some on how to look fabulous even on a rainy day! Hope these help you!

Wear dark washed jeans, they don't shot the rain
spots as much as other jeans!

If you get cold easily but don't want a heavy jacket wear layers!

Wear water proof mascara!

Cream eye shadows work the best for humidity!

Wear capris so when your walking you won't get your jeans wet in the puddles!

If rainy days get you down wear a bright colored shirt to make you feel happy!

If you have curly hair wear it curly and add some anti-frizz cream in it!

If you have straight hair DON'T curl it. I'll come out within the first hour of being outside!

If you don't want your hair wet pull it into a loose bun or pony tail and tuck it under your hood.

Use an umbrella that matches the pattern or colors on your shoes! It looks super cute!

Have a nice day!


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