Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did you know?

That there's a Lunar Eclipse tonight! I read about it on MSN and heard about it on the news. They said almost all over the world can see it. I live in Arizona and it goes from 6-10pm here. I'll give you a link to convert what time it would be where you live so you can watch it! I think I'm going to take a shower then pop some popcorn and curl up in a blanket outside and watch for a little! I just thought that all of you guys would like to know so you can watch it too!

Here's the web link!

Click Here!

P.S If you can't find your time email me and I'll search your state/country!


Piper said...

that's cool (the link thing) I think I might do that! Well, g2g!

Livy said...

Good post!

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