Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to keep your make-up looking fresh!

Do you ever apply make-up and its off within 3-4 hours because of sweat, humidity, or whatever else?! Well I have some tips to help you make your make-up look fresh all day! If your skin gets oily through out the day you can use Clean and Clear's Oil blotting sheets. I have a pack and I like to keep them in my make-up bag (or as I like to call it my to-go bag because everything is mini!) Then whenever my face gets oily I use one of the sheets and blot gently and it doesn't smear my make-up. Plus it gives your face a nice fresh smell! Another way to keep your make-up looking fresh is MAC charged water/renewal defense. There are many different brands of the spray if you look it up on the Internet you can find a way cheaper brand than MAC! You just spritz it on when your face feels dry. I hope these tips help you. If you have any ideas for my blog go ahead and comment and I'll make it happen!


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