Monday, February 11, 2008

Tip of the Day!

Hello everyone! Welcome new readers (if there are any!) I have a tip of the day for you! Its about sunscreen! I was just watching tv and I saw a girl who was supppppperrrr tan and it was because she goes to tanning salons all the time. Her skin
was dark leathery and not pretty. So that reminded me to talk about the importances of sunscreen! Even in the winter time you have to wear sunscreen
on your face. Did you know that the sun is the closest in the winter and puts off the most radiation? (I just learned about this in my science class!) This
is the time where your face can get most damaged. I like to use the Clean and Clear oxygenating moisturizer with SPF 15 in it! You can also use this in
summer. If you like to tan in the summer you should
still use sunscreen! What I like to do is get tanning oil with SPF 15 in it! Where I live I can wear SPF 40 and I can still get a tan! (I live in AZ.) I hope these helped! If you have any more questions go ahead and ask me!

xoxo, Tori


Piper said...

I know! I live in CO and whenever I go skiing I get the WORST sunburn!

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