Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking for a yummy drink?

I have found the best drink ever! I absolutely love it, its my substitute for soda. Its called Snapple! Ever heard of it? They have ice teas, juices, vitamin waters, and diet teas. There are so many flavors! My favorite is Peach Tea. There really isn't any flavor I don't like. The best part about Snapple is its actually good for you! There are some with antioxidants, hydration, Vitamin D, calcium, and much more! You can even choose ones with caffeine or no caffeine. The reason I like to drink Snapple is because I know it is better than soda. Plus I have braces and it isn't as hard on them as it is with soda. (Just remember to brush your teeth after you drink it if you have braces.) I also love how under ever Snapple cap there is a fun fact. Like for instance it could say "An ostrich has 3 eye lids," or "A crocodile can not move its tongue." There are drinks that are sweet and non-sweet. They just have some plain Green Tea's too which I also like. So if I were to rate Snapple out of 10 stars I'd give it a 9.5. Hope this helps improve your health.

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Piper said...

Yummy! Another cool thing that that you can do is make a belt out of the caps.

Livy said...

Mmm. Must try. Hey Tori, check out my blog for a cool contest!

Piper said...

Hi, I still feel bad. But your post made me happier!

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