Monday, February 25, 2008

Sexy Little Things...

By Victoria Secret! They have perfumes, lip glosses, mints, and gum! I love them all! I want to tell you about their Shiny Lip Balm. It is moisturizing like a chapstick but is shiny like a lipgloss. Plus it has a tint with it! The little design is so cute because its in the shape of lips and whatever color lips it is that is the color of the lip balm. Its a quick easy way to touch up any look! Plus its last a good amount of time. The only down side is you have to use your finger to apply. It may get messy! So what I do to put it on is I use a lip brush and apply it to my lips so my fingers don't get the gloss also! I hope this will make you wanna run out and buy it! It is 12 dollars. So its high in price but I think its worth it! Have an awesome day!


Livy said...

Cute, but for lipgloss you have to apply with your finger...Too expensive.

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