Sunday, February 10, 2008


We all know that shaving can be a pain. Getting razor burns, cuts, or a rash. Here are some tips to help you with your shaving problems! A really good razor that I use is the Venus Breeze. It has a nice flexible head that has a razor surrounded by one big moisturizing strip. It is designed to move to fit your curves where you shave. If you don't like that kind of razors there is a disposable one by Venus that I have used before too. Its called Venus Embrace. It has a comfy grip for you to hold. For shaving cream you can use Satin Care. They have many many different kinds and flavors! For shaving your under arms here's a tip. Under arm hair grows in all different directions. So to get a close long lasting shave you should gently shave in different directions to get all of it!


Piper said...

HI! Just responding to your response which you responded to my response and then... oh, I'm confused! ANYWAYS, I found your blog by pressing the little "next blog" button on the Blogger toolbar. Yours is usually three spanish blogs away from mine!

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