Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do you journal?

I know I do! It not only helps you relieve anger, its also relaxing. I love to write in my journal and then look back at it! Well today I have a tip. Its about the ways I journal. What I do is I open Microsoft Word and I type out my entry and then I save it onto a flash drive! Its so simple plus you can decorate your flash drive anyway you want too. You can save pictures and change your font color. Its really cool. Plus no one will ever no whats on there. The only thing is you need to keep it away from everyone in your room in a drawer so they won't over ride it thinking its empty. I recently switched back over to regular journaling because I like to sit outside with mine and write! To find the best quality and low price one go to Target! They have some right by the check-out register. Well I hope this will help you relieve stress, tension, and anger. Have a stress-free day!

Also please check out my friend Livy's blog! She is having a contest! Her link is located on my page! The name of her blog is Fresh Ideas For You.


Piper said...

Hey! I haven't talked to you in a while....

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